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We're matchmakers connecting employers and employees in the LA area



SmartSource is a full-service placement agency serving small businesses, large corporations, non-profits, and private firms in Los Angeles.   We specialize in seeking talented professionals for temporary and direct-hire opportunities in todayʼs fast paced job market.

Weʼre matchmakers for employers and employees. We make sure the right companies have the right employees for the job. Weʼve learned that sometimes the best resume – isnʼt the right fit. Placement takes not only the right qualifications in a candidate, but also the right personality, the right drive, and the right attitude. Here at SmartSource, we donʼt just find you a job; we find you the RIGHT job.

We specialize in non-immigrant recruiting. In 2012 alone, the Department of Homeland Security estimated that over 3 million individuals entered the United States on a non-immigrant visa that allowed them to legally seek employment opportunities. There arenʼt many firms who have the perfect combination of legal and staffing knowledge to do this – but we do!